Gian Carlo Di Renzo


MD, PhD, FRCOG (hon) FACOG (hon) FICOG (hon)

HonSecretaryGeneral of FIGO

University of Perugia Perugia, Italy

Prof. Di Renzo, HonorarySecretary of FIGO, is Professor and Chair at the University of Perugia (UOP) in Italy. He isDirector of both the Reproductive and Perinatal Medicine Center and the Midwifery School at UOP. He isalsoDirector of the Permanent International and European School of Perinatal and Reproductive Medicine (PREIS) in Florence. He holds multiple other positions includingFounder & Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of MaternalFetal and Neonatal Medicine based in London and Corresponding Editor of the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He is an Advisory Board Member for the March of Dimes Foundation based in New York. Further, he is a Fellow adeundem of RCOG and an HonoraryFellow of American ACOG and Indian ICOG. He is alsomember of the WHO strategicCommittee on “Maternal and Perinatalhealth”. Prof. Di Renzo is an Honorary Professor and Doctor Honoris Causa at15 differentUniversitiesthroughoutEurope, Asia, South America, and the UnitedStates. He is an AcademicMember of the Romanian and Russian Academy of Sciences . Prof. Di Renzo hasreceivedsixawards forhis work in human reproductionand maternal-infant’shealth, scientificresearch, and teaching. He hasorganised more than 200 internationalcongresses and courses, some of these are heldregularly( DIP, Birth, World Congress of MaternalFetal and Neonatal Medicine, TWINS, etc ). His scientific production comprises over 1,200 papers of which more than 300 havebeenpublishedinpeerreviewedinternationaljournals and 80 books. He hasbeen an invitedspeaker in over 1,500 national and internationalcongresses and meetings and in academiccourses in over 100 countries.